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We will be providing in-person learning five days per week in our schools (except for some preschool classes at the Central Education Center). If you would like your child to attend school in person, no action is required. While we believe in-person learning is the best learning environment for students, we know some families would prefer their children remain in distance learning. 

Based on the limited number of families who have expressed interest in distance learning, we do not have the resources to internally provide a comprehensive program for distance learning when the majority of students are attending school in person. At the same time, we are committed to providing our students with the best educational opportunities possible.  

To provide a high-quality online experience for our families who do not want their children to attend school in person, we are partnering with two other schools that specialize in online education, with curriculum that is specifically designed for online delivery. Students enrolled in one of these programs through Richfield will still be considered RPS students, and they can still play sports and participate in extracurricular activities in Richfield. 

Please note that our online learning partners provide primarily asynchronous, self-paced learning activities that require a high level of independence. The schools provide a program that supports Minnesota academic standards, but the curriculum used is not the same as RPS curriculum and the courses are not taught by RPS teachers.

Online Learning Options

The Minnesota Virtual Academy (MNVA) is an online public school where family involvement is a critical component to student achievement and they make it easy to become an active participant in your child’s education. You will have direct access to all content and instruction within every classroom. Their model is designed to create working partnerships among families and teachers to provide a learning environment focused on the individual needs of each student.

Northern Star Online (NSO) is an online learning provider specializing in online high school courses. NSO is a public school partnership with 15 independent school districts and four educational service agencies who share expertise and resources to provide online learners with a quality online learning experience.



Minnesota Virtual Academy

Northern Star Online
Grades Served K-12 9-12
REGISTRATION DEADLINE Thursday, September 2 at noon Thursday, September 2 at noon
Course Delivery Mix of online lessons, offline activities and live/synchronous instructional sessions Fully asynchronous (independent)
Student Hours Varies NA
Curriculum Stride K-12  View course list
Parent Involvement 4-5 hours per weekday  Limited


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