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We believe in the power of the question, what would you do if you knew you could not fail?  


We are dedicated to providing a school experience that promotes the social, emotional and academic growth of all students by recognizing their unique talents, abilities and needs. It is our responsibility to seek, identify and serve students throughout the day who demonstrate the ability to perform at an advanced level, regardless of race, ethnicity, economic means or English language capability. It is our responsibility to support the development of each child’s capacity and to build a system that provides as many open doors to the future as we can for our students.  

Elementary School

Our elementary Talent Development program consists of both enrichment and acceleration programming. Students who are participating in reading and/or math enrichment groups go deeper into their grade level standards. They have opportunities to participate in extended real world problem solving or creative thinking focused on the concepts that are addressed in their grade level standards. In Accelerated Math, students move faster through the curriculum so that if they continue with acceleration throughout middle school, they complete their required math courses during ninth or 10th grade and are prepared to take college level courses while still in high school through CIS or PSEO. Additional information about the differences between enrichment groups and accelerated classes is provided in the table below.

Enrichment Groups (Provided in Reading/Math)


Accelerated Math (Provided in grades 4 & 5 as a replacement math class)


  • Activities build upon the grade level core curriculum to offer greater context and a deeper dive into select subject matter.
  • Purpose is to enable individuals to attain higher levels of understanding and insight in one or more given areas.
  • Groups are fluid and flexible based on need and subject matter.
  • Curriculum provides opportunities for more advanced study in math.
  • Purpose is to transition high performing students into a grade level which is most appropriate for their grasp of the educational subject matter.
  • Once a student begins the accelerated math program, they may continue on that pathway through middle school and high school.


Middle School

In middle school, the focus shifts slightly by emphasizing specific academic aptitude. Because we understand the nature of the adolescent person, we continue to help students build critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We nurture their self-confidence and help them believe that they can do great things. We offer Advanced English Language Arts (ELA), which is more of a humanities course, and advanced mathematics. Middle school is a time for exploration. We offer an array of courses for students, including the arts and computer science, to meet the talents that students possess.

High School

Richfield High School continues to recognize the specific academic aptitude that students have, and we believe that all students can perform at high levels. But we also know that students continue to develop at their own pace. Sometimes, it isn’t until high school that students really find they are ready for more advanced courses. We also know that sometimes, students need adult guidance to help them believe in their potential.

We offer a wide array of Advanced Placement (AP) and College in the Schools (CIS) courses, as well as more traditional honors courses throughout the school day. All of our advanced courses are self-select, meaning that there is no application process. We encourage students to talk with teachers, counselors and their families about possibilities.  

We believe in the power of the question, what would you do if you knew you could not fail? To that end, we also offer seminar courses for our most advanced classes to provide additional support for students who may have never thought they could succeed in these courses. We know the power of advanced courses on a high school transcript, and we want as many students as possible to earn college credit while in high school. As a result, they will have a strong high school transcript that they earned as a result of being actively engaged in our schools.


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