Students and Principal Nancy Stachel at Sheridan Hills Elementary

Academic Support Services

Kindergarten student shows off an art project

Each student develops a personal approach to learning and responds differently in the classroom, so we work to ensure that each child is getting their needs met. Find out more about our academic support programs. 

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A teacher in their classroom at Sheridan Hills Elementary

At Sheridan Hills Elementary, our approach to education follows the idea that learning improves through continuous insight from both students and teachers. Read more about our commitment to academic excellence from kindergarten through graduation. 

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Gifted & Talented

Students work together on a science project involving batteries and wires

In our pursuit to serve students at all levels, we understand the importance of providing advanced programming for children who demonstrate unique academic skills. Find out more about what our Gifted & Talented program has to offer. 

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Media Center

The Sheridan Hills Elementary media center is decorated for fall harvest season

The media center provides our students with a space for exploration, creativity and digital learning. Discover our resources and how the media center enriches students' academic experience. 

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Summer School

Students play basketball on the playground of Sheridan Hills Elementary

We support multiple programs hosted over the summer for students in Richfield Public Schools, including Richfield Community Education, Beacons, Spartan Camp and summer school. Get details on our specific programs.

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