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Students and Principal Nancy Stachel at Sheridan Hills Elementary

Welcome to Sheridan Hills Elementary!

Welcome to Sheridan Hills!

Sheridan Hills is a small community with a focus on developing a student's creative and critical thinking skills. Working together with our families, we help our students develop a strong fundamental base that we build on throughout their time at Sheridan Hills. We have a full range of academic and social emotional support services and our Specialist classes include Art, Music, Media/STEM and Physical Education. School at Sheridan is much more than reading, writing and math. It’s social studies and science explored within the core curriculum and field trips. It’s also community, at both the classroom and school level. We like to celebrate and firmly believe that learning should be fun.

As an experienced educator and administrator, I know that we are all lifelong learners and we are all teachers. By working together and supporting each other we bring out the best in each other. The partnership between families and the school is one of the things I love about Sheridan Hills.  

I also love our emphasis on both academic learning and social emotional learning. Knowing how to interact with others, how to handle big emotions, how to be resilient, kind, respectful and responsible is just as important as knowing how to do math or write a paper. Academic learning happens when students feel safe, encouraged and supported. We work at both the classroom and school level to make sure our students feel welcomed and connected.

We welcome you to Sheridan Hills and hope you will consider joining our community of learners as a parent, student or volunteer. I know that you will be happy with your decision!


Sheridan Hills Elementary

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