Principal's Welcome

Students and Principal Nancy Stachel at Sheridan Hills Elementary

Welcome to Sheridan Hills Elementary!

Sheridan Hills is a small community with a focus on developing our student's creative and critical thinking skills. We start by working to ensure that our students have a strong fundamental base to build on and challenge our students to push themselves. Whether a child benefits from additional supports in reading or math, or the additional challenges provided by a rigorous curriculum and an advanced academics program, we meet your child where they are at and work with you to help your child achieve their dreams and goals.

As an experienced educator and administrator, I know that we are all lifelong learners and we are all teachers. I also know that by working together to support each other and bring out the best in each other, we can all achieve our hopes and dreams. I encourage you to stop in and visit to see our community of teachers and learners.

When you do, you'll observe an emphasis on developing the whole child. Our specialist classes include Physical Education, Art, Music and Media (which includes STEM activities). You’ll also see both science and social studies, sometimes as stand-alone activities and at other times woven into the literacy curriculum. For example, scientists observe, record their observations and analyze their results; we reinforce and teach these skills through both our science and writing units.

We welcome you to Sheridan Hills and hope you will consider joining our community of learners as a parent, a student or a volunteer. I know that you will be happy with your decision!


Sheridan Hills Elementary

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