RHS Class of 2020 Closes Graduation Gap

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RHS Class of 2020 Closes Graduation Gap

We are excited to share with you that our 4-year graduation rate for Richfield High School students increased by 8.4 percentage points. Superintendent Unowsky and Asst. Superintendent Daniels sat down with KARE 11 and talked about what it took to eliminate the achievement gap in the 2020 graduation rate at Richfield High School.  

“When I entered Richfield Public Schools about seven years ago, our graduation rate was about 16 points below where it is now and we had a 33-point gap between our white students and our students of color," Unowsky told KARE 11. "In 2020, we actually had no gap between white students and students of color."

You can read the full article and listen to the interview by clicking below. 

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