ICS Monthly Report: May 2022

Sheridan Hills Elementary students learn during a field trip to Wood Lake Nature Center

Each week, we will share the latest construction updates provided by ICS. If you would like to view past updates or learn more about our capital facilities plan, please visit the Facilities page. 

*This report is submitted from ICS on a weekly basis.

Maintenance/Transportation Building

Planned for month of April 2022

  • Completed sheetrock, taping & sanding.
  • Completed mechanical rooftop work.
  • Completed tile.
  • HVAC system 90% complete.
  • Painting 95% complete.
  • Ceiling grid complete.
  • Lighting complete.
  • Floor prep complete. 

Planned for month of May 2022

  • Complete casework.
  • Complete floor (carpet / LVT) installation.
  • Install plumbing fixtures.
  • Install toilet partitions & toilet accessories.
  • Finish & install doors and hardware.
  • Install electrical devices.
  • Test & balance. 

Sheridan Hills Elementary

Planned for month of April 2022

  • Completed the cork board finish on the back side of the locker cubbies.
  • Conducted a warranty review with the tackable wallcovering manufacturer representative.
  • Completed miscellaneous District Staff punchlist items.
  • Continued receiving/reviewing closeouts documents and operations and maintenance manuals. 

Planned for month of May 2022

  • Contractor to submit final operations and maintenance manuals.
  • Process Contractor’s final pay application.

Richfield Middle School

Planned for month of April 2022

  • Continued commissioning of building HVAC/mechanical system

Planned for month of May 2022

  • Boiler shut down and chiller start up
  • Final testing and balancing of chiller/cooling equipment
  • Final payment 

Central Education Center

Planned for month of April 2022

  • Assisted district in troubleshooting hydronic system
  • Installed operable walls

Planned for month of May 2022

  • Continue commissioning HVAC system
  • Commission chiller and dual temp system in spring
  • Complete operable wall punchlist
  • Release final payment to contractor

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